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Domestic Cutting Machine Industry In Transition To Accelerate Technological Innovation Is Necessary

Nov 07, 2016

Known to all, China finding work later, and currently there are still some remnants of industrial questions. Follow accelerated through the transition, all kinds of questions do not prevent cropped up. This transition work is a block.

China cutting machine to to intensive road, taking the road of intensive development, must be "low input and high output" operational guidelines, which needs cutting from several aspects of the company to proceed to the reform.

Finding work within the requirements of refining, primary needs to do is change the idea, long established concept and develop viable approaches. And progressive companies level, improve handling efficiency of the whole, optimization of sector structure, prevent the waste of human capital and time, optimize internal competitive mechanism, progress employees work, point to brand building to move forward.

In training single brand based on harmony, multiple departments involved in, the regional brand development works, enabling trademark registration, use of work groups. Using the brand effect of agglomeration of femoral artery, the company's dynamic industrial agglomeration unit all.