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Double High Frequency Performance And Characteristics Of The Products

Nov 07, 2016

High sensitivity spark protection: when the spark occurs, the machine is equipped with a special electronic circuit, automatic cut off high frequency suppression spark, mould and material damage to a minimum while warning warning light also shines.

Avoid radio jamming device: equipped with high-frequency high frequency stability and high frequency magnetic leakage pressure valves, this device prevents leakage waves from jamming other electrical devices, such as television. Safety device: when the current exceeds its limits

And overload relay automatically protect oscillation tubes and rectifier, when mechanical cooling is insufficient, it can automatically cut off the power supply, and will avoid the accidents that occur due to improper operation.

Special mechanical structure: through a special design and Assembly of the various models, strong enough to deal with any situation, motor will not crank and special parts are handy to use and accurate.

The homology and special circuit easy adjustment: high power output, and may approached the regulator depending on the mold size and material thickness adjustment, in particular special high frequency circuit, high and stable output of exceptionally strong output rate, Can significantly reduce the need of welding time, improve product quality and yield.