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Embossing Machine Novice How To Debug

Nov 01, 2017

Embossing Machine novice how to debug
At present, Embossing Machine is the main equipment for the production of keel, in the industrial production gradually universal, if you have never operated some Embossing Machine, after the purchase of how to debug the normal production? We solve this problem for you:
Embossing Machine first before and after the two rows of four corners from the top of the frame to the top of the high amount of the same amount, and then from the first row to the last row, find a straight line, check, the next axis is in a straight line On the left axis left and right sides into the level. Embossing Machine debugging methods, such as the board to the right to run, pad the left corner (feed rack), or fall on the right side of the flat (the first few axle running off the first few axle flat, the axis with the bottom axis down). Embossing Machine roller bearing steel (GR15), forging after annealing; base with 310H steel; use the next five on the four leveling to ensure the formation.
Embossing Machine operation is the key to what you know, only to fully understand the operation of Embossing Machine to prevent the Embossing Machine beyond the limit position, how to avoid Embossing Machine beyond the limit position? For you to introduce:
Embossing Machine is a large-scale mechanical equipment, workers can not operate the Embossing Machine did not show their own safety, which is why? Embossing Machine allows workers to operate with confidence, because the following measures to prevent the operation of the machine or equipment The parts are more than the limit position, the company Embossing Machine configuration reliable limit device.To ensure close to danger when the effective braking, the installation of a reliable brake device, and equipment, gas and liquid transmission machinery are equipped with control super Pressure, to prevent leakage and other devices.
The maintenance and repair of Embossing Machine is to ensure the normal work of the premise and guarantee, mainly through the familiar wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, repair and other aspects of care to maintain the performance and technical conditions Embossing Machine, the general Of the maintenance can only eliminate the Embossing Machine on the surface of the abnormal phenomenon, and its internal hidden trouble and the root can not do anything, in order to achieve a temporary solution and the effect of the rule, you need to take the initiative to maintain technology, that is caused by Embossing Machine Fault root parameters to be identified, to control it within a reasonable range, so that it will not cause a major failure of the Embossing Machine equipment factors, cut off the source of the fault, thereby reducing or avoiding the occurrence of failure.
In order to avoid the Embossing Machine failure and reduce the impact caused by failure, it must be carried out in various ways of maintenance, Embossing Machine maintenance costs can not rely on simple repair or repair and other acts, and to Through the management and technical innovation, the use of scientific and effective measures to reduce the Embossing Machine maintenance costs.
Embossing Machine is very important in the construction of equipment to ensure that it can be correct, full and reasonable use, to improve product quality and Embossing Machine life, have an important role, so how to strengthen the Embossing Machine Management, timely maintenance, give full play to its performance, is currently one of the problems manufacturers need to be resolved.
With the development and progress of science and technology, the complexity of Embossing Machine is getting higher and higher, but because of the management philosophy lag and other issues still exist, many companies only in accordance with the previous management methods for Embossing Machine management, and did not take any innovation Method, which led to the Embossing Machine maintenance costs inadequate, slow update, backward technology, and thus the lack of market competitiveness.
To do the management of Embossing Machine, companies must establish a sound management agencies, from top to bottom clear responsibilities at all levels, and develop a sound safety procedures, which is doing the basis of Embossing Machine management , In the use of prevention to do the main, fully reduce the accident rate of Embossing Machine equipment, so as to ensure its safe, efficient and stable operation.