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Embossing Machine Wide Range Of Applications

Jul 27, 2017

Embossing Machine wide range of applications

Embossing Machine is the use of motor transmission of gold paper, with a short length of any control, and also has a beautiful appearance, easy operation, and the high degree of automation, pressure and other advantages, it is the ideal equipment for bronzing, and the bronzing machine for Rubber, plastic, leather, wood and paper products such as the surface of the stamping process.
Embossing Machine hot stamping pressure, simple operation, stable performance, and the machine can automatically thermostat, automatic counting, set their own travel. The table can be moved back and forth manually, easy to safe and fast operation; its table can also be around, rotation adjustment; and equipment, hot stamping pressure, temperature adjustable, and can be able to Automatic feeding, receiving paper, and can be adjusted, the hot stamping head height is also adjustable.
The bronzing machine for a wide range of applications, can be used in paper products, leather, plastic, hard plastic, PVC soft, wood, bamboo, photos, fabrics and a variety of decorative decorations on the pattern, , And to complete the bronzing, embossing and indentation process of the integrated requirements, the equipment or printing and packaging industry, the ideal choice.
Embossing Machine in the market has been the community's common praise, but also to solve the problem of hot stamping, and the bronzing machine for users to create a high value, the value of the use of the market is the most reliable bronzing machine The
Pneumatic flat bronzing machine also has a flexible elbow design, pressure, pressure consumption is small, the table can be manually moved back and forth, easy and safe and fast operation, and the equipment can be around the table, rotation adjustment, hot stamping pressure, temperature, Hot stamping time adjustable, but also to automatically send paper, received paper, and can be adjusted, hot stamping height adjustable adjustable.
The pneumatic flat bronzing machine can also adjust the height of the hot stamping head and the cylinder stroke through the handle and cylinder check nut according to the different heights of the workpiece, and the bronzing machine manufacturer also specializes in the production of flat and surface bronzing machine, Size, but also according to customer requirements, custom-specific size and specific use of the bronzing machine.
Embossing Machine is mainly used for photography, printing department of small printing and printing presses and other hot stamping photos, business cards, trademarks, invitations, or footwear industry indentation bronzing ideal tool, and the series of products also has automatic paper Structure, according to the size of hot stamping to adjust the length of each feed, so to avoid the waste of gold paper.
Desktop Embossing Machine or factory to meet the needs of the market and the design and development of a new type of bronzing equipment, the device also has an automatic aluminum foil delivery device, the table can be up and down, and the equipment pressure, the door width, stability Good, simple operation, economical and practical, the device also has the characteristics of indentation. And the machine is mainly applicable to the small printing plant, the individual hot gold households, processing hot stamping all kinds of fine paper, shoebox, invitations, leather, plastic, fabric and other crafts decorations.
The Embossing Machine shape is very beautiful and beautiful, the pressure balance and stability, its reliable quality, simple operation, easy to occupy a small space, and the pressure balance and stability, equipment, hot cutting corners clear. The equipment and the market compared to similar products, its performance is more stable, more secure after-sales service. Yantai Changyu production of the small Embossing Machine is designed for hot stamping PVC card design, mainly used in the VIP card, membership card number on the convex code bronzing, can also be used for documents cards, work cards and other PVC card Text, lace logo bronzing, hot silver, so it is business card shop, card companies, small and medium-sized printing hot stamping all kinds of paper, PVC material ideal