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How To Choose The Right Cutting Fluid During The Use Of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine?

Jun 28, 2017

How to choose the right cutting fluid during the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine?

There are three kinds of coolants used in the general market as Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machines.
1. Emulsion, need to use water. The use of this cutting fluid is low cost, but the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine cooling and Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine use cycle have a certain impact. And the surrounding ground environment have a certain impact.
2. General extrusion plant like diesel or kerosene as a coolant, although it can play a role in cooling, but the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine has a great impact, because it can not achieve the hydraulic plane cutting machine Alloy lubrication, the common is often the hydraulic plane cutting machine used to scrapped, no alloy before the change. And the higher the cost of the same kind of environmental pollution is more serious.
3. High-grade aluminum cutting fluid. This cutting fluid is the use of micro-injection device for each cutting a 0.05ml, the formation of atomized state attached to the hydraulic plane cutting machine alloy in the cutting process of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine alloy lubrication and cooling have played a strong role , Can effectively extend and protect the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine cycle. This kind of oil because each time only 0.05ml spray, so the surface of the workpiece is basically touch the oil, cutting aluminum is also very dry, the surrounding environment of a worker's body is very good. So the current aluminum alloy saw this piece of the best choice is the precision of the production of high-grade aluminum cutting fluid.

High-grade aluminum cutting fluid is characterized by:

1, each injection of a drop of oil (about 0.05ml), the fuel injection cycle can be set between 0-60 seconds;
2, excellent lubrication effect, smooth cutting surface without burr, effectively improve the hydraulic plane cutting machine life of more than 30%;
3, environmentally friendly micro-lubricating cutting oil, no smell, quasi-dry cut, aluminum crumbs do not agglomerate, easy to dust;
4, the working environment dry, no water stains and oil, easy to shop 5S management, more convenient equipment cleaning and maintenance;
5, cutting the workpiece dry no residue no corrosion does not change color, does not affect the process after processing (oxidation, spraying or aging treatment)

In the process of hydraulic plane cutting machine are to use cutting fluid, but there are many customers to reflect the use of hydraulic plane cutting machine, aluminum surface moldy, and even discoloration of the phenomenon. This will affect the aluminum workpiece sawing effect, it will inevitably produce odor, which caused the workshop environment. The use of hydraulic plane cutting machine improper, not only did not solve the problem of sawing, but produced a series of other problems. Then the use of hydraulic plane cutting machine caused by aluminum surface moldy, discoloration in the end is how is it?

The answer is obvious, you choose the hydraulic plane cutting machine effect is not good, need to replace! There are many customers in order to save money using saponification solution or kerosene, it is easy to cause the surface of aluminum mold, discoloration and so on. Today tell you what kind of cutting fluid you need to replace.

First of all, you need to replace the lubricating cooling effect of good cutting fluid, to enhance the sawing effect, refused to scrap the aluminum workpiece is not smooth; refuse aluminum surface moldy, discoloration; rejection of the workpiece residual cutting fluid needs cleaning. Followed by the cost of lubrication can not be too high, otherwise caused by high cutting costs, I believe that is not what you want. Then there is no such a hydraulic plane cutting machine, for you to solve the surface of aluminum mold, color problem.