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How To Judge The Main Basis Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Jan 08, 2018

The two criteria for the utility of hydraulic cutting machine are mainly based on the size of punching force and the speed of punching and cutting. Assuming that the punching force is large, but the punching speed is the opposite, or the punching speed is very high, but the punching force is very small, the machine can not normally finish the punching mission. The punching speed of a hydraulic cutter is usually more than 75 millimeters per second. The mechanical transmission cutter is different from the hydraulic transmission cutter. It is mainly decided by the different characteristics of the two kinds of transmission: the mechanical transmission is rigid transmission, and the hydraulic transmission does have certain flexibility. So pay attention to the differences between the rigid and the flexible.

The characteristics of hydraulic cutting machine is: when the die processing data, the effect of cylinder pressure does not reach the additional pressure, the pressure will follow touch added for the sake of time, until the solenoid valve receives the signal, reversing valve, punching head start reset; when the pressure in the cylinder because of the pressure oil into the cylinder by time the constraint to did not reach the additional pressure set value; that is to say, the system pressure does not reach the value of planning, it is now the end of punching.