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How To Solve Cutting Machine Hydraulic Cylinder Crawling Slow Problem

Nov 07, 2016

Cutting machine for sealing material problems caused by low speed creeping of hydraulic cylinder, it is recommended that under the conditions of the permit conditions, give priority to the use in combination of the PTFE sealing ring, such as frequently used circle Sturt Bingley; like the election of lip seal, recommended materials optimize the seals of nitrile rubber or similar material, which followed better.

Parts processing precision of effect problem, in hydraulic award machine hydraulic cylinder of manufacturing process in the should strictly control cylinder body wall and piston rod surface processing precision, especially geometry precision, especially line degrees is key, in domestic processing process in the, piston rod surface of processing basically is car Hou grinding, guarantee line degrees problem is unlikely to, but for cylinder body wall of processing, its processing method many, has boring cut-rolling, and boring cut-honing mill, and directly honing mill,, but due to domestic material of based level more abroad has gap, pipe blank line degrees poor , Uneven uneven thickness, hardness, and other factors often directly affect the processing of cylinder wall straightness, recommends the use of bore-bore-honing process rolling, such as honing, you must first increase the billets of straightness.