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How To Solve The Problem Of Burrs In Cutting Products?

Apr 23, 2018

How to solve the problem of burrs in cutting products?

First, the blade is selected as the imported blade.

The stiffness of the blade blade has a direct influence on the cutting effect, such as the toughness and rigidity of the knife edge, which can not cut the product quickly and get a smooth section at all.

Two. The steel plate is used instead of the plastic mat.

The traditional plastic mat, the PP plate has a certain compression and elasticity, the sharp knife die in the cutting of plastic products, there is no corresponding reaction force, and can not cut the smooth section. So it is very important to cut the plate with steel plate.

Three, select the machine with high precision:

In the above, select the better tool die, select the steel plate instead of the plastic plate, these two will bring the problem is that the accuracy of the cutting machine is very high (otherwise there will be cutting or knife phenomenon), the minimum requirements for the cutting machine are the following two aspects:

(1) the parallelism between the two workstations is high

(2) the accuracy of repetition is high (that is to say constant pressure must be steady).