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Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Die - Cutting Accuracy Is Not High Mechanical Reasons

Oct 19, 2017

Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting accuracy is not high mechanical reasons are as follows:
The long-term use of the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine will cause the die-cutting frame or die-cutting plate on the positioning block wear, so that the gap is too large and lead to reduce the cutting accuracy. The positioning block should be replaced at this time. Side positioning plate wear is an important factor in the side positioning is not allowed.
As the positioning of the dialing is not enough to make up for good wear Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine , it will cause poor positioning side positioning accuracy. Replace the side positioning plate at this time.
Before and after the positioning of the pendulum positioning distance is too small. Because the length of the chain itself has a certain error, Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine if the positioning distance is too small, then the front and rear positioning can not eliminate the chain error, thus affecting the die cutting accuracy.
At this point should be adjusted before the positioning of the pendulum screw or post-positioning pendulum cam position, so that the front and rear positioning frame to Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine stop the teeth 2mm ~ 3mm distance is appropriate.
Three, gripper pressure is too small or uneven. If the gripper's active dental elasticity becomes smaller due to long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off during the transfer process, which directly affects the die-cutting accuracy. Uneven pressure between the grippers may cause the paper to The process of skew.
At this time should change the active teeth. In addition, Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine the fixed teeth in the horizontal height should also be consistent, otherwise it may be in the gripper paper collision or gripper paper wrinkles, affecting the cutting accuracy.
In the process of cardboard transfer, the main drive chain wear and tear will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die cutting. At this point to replace the chain. Intermittent mechanism wear, resulting in tooth row in the stop or start the process of jitter, will also affect the die cutting accuracy. In this case generally only affect the positioning accuracy, this time, should be timely maintenance.
The above four points is the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine die-cutting accuracy is not high mechanical reasons, the need for operation and maintenance personnel on the machine to do maintenance, timely inspection and maintenance, to ensure the best working state of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine. In the case of
Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine ready to operate the machine before the first familiar with the understanding and master the operation of the machine performance and procedures. No training can not be on the machine to operate, according to production requirements, to receive the appropriate knife and plastic plate and other related materials. Check whether the machine around the same, after the normal open the total power. The upper plate should first remove the upper table, the use of the qualified board will be fixed in accordance with the standard position on the table above, and then push the console and lock; and then remove the next table, in the board with the board Relative position on the paste 1-2mm thick high-quality plastic plate, stick well after the propulsion console and locked.
Test the pressure to first use the handle clutch wheel test die cutting, according to try to adjust the pressure regulator and handle the next plate on the plastic plate, until the pressure balance. When finished, adjust the adjustment screw, keep the pressure fixed. The principle of regulation is light pressure to start, micro-regulation.
We are in the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine to operate, should be in accordance with its rules to carry out.
Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine electrical equipment used in all the PLC into control to the inverter docking, high sensitivity, smooth operation, start quickly, component casting as one casting casting, equipment, high stability, small vibration; , To ensure that the main drive lubrication performance is better, advanced production technology to eliminate the bumps, improve the plane accuracy, and make up quickly, save time, compared with the traditional, replacement time reduced by 50%, in addition to the equipment Long service life, intermittent mechanism than the traditional model of 10% increase, ring wear, extend the service life, and more efficient, and prepress match, thereby further improving the quality of the product printing to meet the customer's Use requirements.
The working principle of the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine is the use of steel knife, metal mold, steel wire, through the imprint version of the application of some pressure, the printed or cardboard rolled into the shape.