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Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine For Commercial Applications

Sep 08, 2017

Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine for commercial applications

According to the survey, Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine operations can effectively solve the drawbacks of traditional processing, but also greatly provides the cutting accuracy and processing speed. Data Reality The proportion of the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine in the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine industry is between 70% and 80%. This shows that the commercial use of the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine market is very extensive. So what about the commercial applications of the concrete Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine?

Industrial applications for Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine.

In China, the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is mainly the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine. This Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is mainly used in industrial 12MM thick low carbon steel plate, 6MM thick stainless steel plate and 20MM non-metallic materials. Mainly in machinery and clothing, advertising industry widely used.

Machinery industry is mainly on the 12MM thick low-carbon steel, 6MM thick stainless steel plate cutting operations, the typical products are: food machinery enclosures, all kinds of electrical cabinets, switchgear, textile machinery parts, engineering machinery structural parts, large motor silicon steel Tablets and so on.

Clothing and advertising pages are mainly on a variety of fabrics and 20MM non-metallic material patterns, marking operations. For example: such as art photo albums, clothes on the pattern, the company, units, hotels, shopping malls, signs, stations, docks, public places in English and Chinese fonts, clothes hollow and carved and so on.

2. Application of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine.

Due to the widespread use of the hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine in the industry, it is said that the demand for laser cutting technology personnel is very large, which makes many institutions have opened the laser cutting carving teaching subjects, which also makes the small teaching Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine by many Introduction of colleges and universities. Commonly introduced faculties are: architecture, civil engineering, art design, ring art, aviation, navigation, industrial design, advertising, clothing, garden, machinery, electromechanical, science and engineering, electronics, computers, cars

Because the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is characterized by high quality and reliability, it also has a wavelength of 10.6 μm because it is output in the form of long-wave infrared. Many organic materials have strong absorption of these long wavelengths, making the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine a wide range of applications in paper, wood, plastics, rubber, textile and leather industries. However, the quality of cutting will directly affect the cost of production, then the impact of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine cutting quality factor is what? Here we come to find out.

1, Power Platinum Cutting Machine Power and Power Stability.

Different power in the laser cutting can cut the thickness is not the same, in practice, often set the maximum power, that is to reduce the cutting time or cutting thick material. But through the daily production summary found in less than the maximum power conditions at the focal point to get the highest power density, and get the best cutting quality. In addition to the power of the size of the external power stability is also very important, long-term production of the laser is also a very important test. DC excitation lasers due to electrode ablation, resulting in long-term operating state power attenuation. For this, Hua Zizun after years of research launched the laser master Endeavor Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine can be a better solution to this problem. As a high-tech and multi-functional teaching equipment, Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is widely used in various university laboratories so that students can combine theory and practice to enhance hands-on ability and develop creative thinking.

2, auxiliary gas pressure.

The role of auxiliary gas in laser cutting is to remove the melted and evaporated material while suppressing excessive combustion of the cutting zone. When cutting thicker materials, the air pressure should be reduced. When cutting a thin material, the air pressure should be increased to prevent sticky slag on the back of the cut. Of course, the size of the pressure regulation and cutting materials, such as: cutting the plastic in order to prevent the plastic side of the frost, to lower air pressure as well.