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Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine Functional Basis

Sep 19, 2017

Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine Functional basis
        The Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is characterized by the fact that when the punching head is applied to the instantaneous pressure of the workpiece by means of a die, the pressure in the working cylinder does not reach the rated pressure and the pressure will increase as the time of contact (cut into the work) increases , Until the electromagnetic valve to receive the signal, the valve reversal, punching head began to reset; then the pressure inside the cylinder due to the pressure into the cylinder pressure time limit may not reach the set rated pressure value; In other words, the system pressure does not meet the design value, punching has been completed.
        The main basis for judging the function of the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is the punching force and the punching speed. Punching force is very large, but the punching speed is very low, or punching speed is very high, but the punching force is very small machine, can not successfully complete the punching task.
        For the mechanical drive of the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine general punching speed is high, about 250 times / min; the punching speed is variable, the average punching speed: 200 mm / s. The punching speed of the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is typically greater than 75 mm / sec.
        The hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine of the mechanical drive is different from the hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine of the hydraulic drive, which is determined by the different characteristics of the two drives: the mechanical transmission is a rigid transmission and the hydraulic drive is indeed flexible.
 With the continuous development of China's cutting work, the demand and requirements for the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine are also progressing. And this progress is brought about by the work of more progress in the development of skills. In the future work carried out, the skills innovation is the first, the skills of progress is necessary, this is the work of high-speed development and market demand in the most important conditions.
        It is well known that China's cutting work itself is carried out later, and there are still some industrial legacy questions. Followed by the promotion of the promotion of the promotion, all kinds of questions can not prevent the emergence of the head. This is obviously a stop for the work of the transition.
        China's Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is designed to carry out an intensive road and take an intensive approach. It must be done with the "low-input, high-output" approach. This requires cutting companies to innovate in a number of ways.
        Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine The need for cutting work is to change the concept, build a long-term concept and develop a viable approach. And continue to improve the level of the company, improve the overall efficiency, rational optimization of the sector structure, to prevent human capital and the time of the spoil, with the optimization of internal competition mechanism, improve the nature of the work of workers to point to promote the work of brand building.
        On the basis of the brand name of the training unit Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine, it is engaged in the training of regional famous brand, supporting the registration and applying the trademark of the working group. The use of brand agglomeration stock effect, the company will gather all the shares of the industry to carry out.
        In addition, through the relevant scientific research organizations, institutions, and actively promote the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine company to strengthen cooperation with relevant scientific research organizations, institutions, constitute a set of production, learning, research, seized as one of the public skills service testing channels to build standardized information Channels, so that the relevant skills organizations, the company's standardization experts to establish a standardized information research team to encourage companies to participate in various exhibitions, fairs, to create a meeting Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine brand, the establishment of corporate channels to promote the Union to promote capital to promote talent to build strong areas , Combined with the company's talent, skills, the use of leading companies and cutting the detection of intermediate capital, composed of cutting skills to develop the middle of the work to help companies complete the transition to qualify.