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Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine Set The Requirements And Control System Functions

Aug 08, 2017

Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine set the requirements and control system functions
    In order to achieve the desired operating effect of the EHP Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine, it is necessary to set the position of the equipment according to the site layout and the foundation installation plan before installing it first. Then install the equipment according to the order of the tunnel cutting machine from the processing to the finished product.
    This process should be noted that the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine on each component installed in place, it should be adjusted to the initial qualified state, and then the next link to install. After the installation of the entire Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine but also to adjust the relative position, the basic requirements of the operating platform and cutting platform have a certain distance, the pressure supercharger and sand for the same phase.
     After the installation is adjusted, let the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine run for a while, observe whether the equipment is running smoothly, no swing and abnormal sound. At the same time, but also check the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine head fastening, to prevent the loose and damage to the material.
     In hydraulic flatters, a specially designed control system for the process is used to ensure that the system is able to use the controller to reduce or increase the water pressure. At the same time, check the vacuum assist device or other technology to improve the cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy The
     Not only that, the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine in the numerical control system can also achieve the simulation track processing, automatic control cut and cut, and accurately calculate the cutting time; can also set the axis of the software limit, protect the tip, to avoid beyond the travel range The As a Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine CNC system, to meet the computer and hardware requirements, on the basis of this can achieve the above objectives.
When a certain material is processed into a product, it is often used to cut such a process, and this process can choose to use more cutting tools, Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is one of them. But not all of the conditions need to use such equipment, in order to reduce unnecessary waste need to seriously match.
If the milling method will produce a lot of waste, it can be considered the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine, because it will not only produce waste, but also the whole piece of cutting, making the waterjet cutting and cutting materials are mostly available The
If the use of circular saws and band saws are too slow and can not be non-linear cutting of the case, or laser and plasma can cut the thickness is too thin, the resulting burr is too large, the heat affected area is negative, are You can consider the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine.
In addition, if you do not want to cut when the production of toxic gas, no secondary processing, do not want to produce thermal effects or deformation or micro-cracks, then the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is a good choice. As well as cutting flammable and explosive materials or in flammable and explosive environment, cutting, we must consider the use of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine
In general, in the face of different materials, in its hardness and other aspects of the nature of the case is different, in order to ensure the cutting efficiency and quality, or to meet some of the other cutting needs, the need for professional selection of the corresponding cutting machine The