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Introduction To The Application Scope And Types Of The Cutting Machine

Dec 25, 2017

The cutting machine should be necessary for the light industry machine, cutting machine in China is a very common type of machine, after all use cutting machine cutting machine is extremely broad, here's a simple understanding about cutting machine can be applied in the industry in which it!

Its main function is to use the molding tool die to get the required sheet or semi finished product by punching and cutting.

It is suitable for processing all kinds of flexible sheet materials, such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, cardboard, felt, asbestos, glass fiber, cork and other synthetic materials.

Widely used in leather processing, footwear, handbags, leather industry, garment industry, gloves industry, hats, toys, stationery industry, blister, pearl cotton, sponge industry industry, carpet industry, plastic industry, silk industry, handicraft industry, decoration industry, embroidery industry, paper industry, the puzzle and model industry, sports equipment industry, electronic industry, automobile industry and other light industry.

The cutting machine is not only widely used, but also has many kinds. It can be divided into many kinds of cutting machines.

The conventional cutting machine respectively by power, transmission mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system, die cutter set diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, self-priming pump, magnetic pump mechanism, feeding mechanism, operating system, twelve parts lubrication system, security system, pressure head and body etc..

According to the different models, they will have their own unique structure, such as the press head moving mechanism, the automatic balance mechanism, the displaced plate displacement mechanism and so on. Other auxiliary devices are sometimes added, depending on the performance of different use.