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It Is Necessary To Accelerate Technological Innovation In The Transformation Of Domestic Cutting Machine Industry

Jan 19, 2018

Follow China cutting work to carry out, on the cutting machine commodity demand and demand is gradually progress. And this progress is to bring more power work skills. In future work, innovation is the primary natural skills, skills and progress are necessary, which is the most important work of the high-speed development and market demand conditions.

Known to all, Chinese cutting work of their own to carry out late, and to the current industry there are still some question remains. Then to accelerate the transformation of the promotion, all kinds of questions can not prevent the show up. This is clearly a transitional work is a stop.

China cutting machine to carry out to the intensive road, take the intensive development path, to the "low input, high output" the operating principle and try, this company needs cutting from many aspects to innovate.

The cutting work needs repair outside the refinery, first needs to do is change the concept, establish long-term development ideas and formulate feasible development guidelines. And the Progressive Corp management level, improve the management efficiency of all departments, optimize the structure of human capital, and prevent the ravages of time, together with the optimization of internal competition mechanism, nature of work, progress of workers to promote the work of brand building.

Based on the cultivation of monomer company brand, the harmony, multiple functional departments involved in the implementation of training project of regional brand, the use of working groups to support registration, trademark. The use of stock brand agglomeration effect, the company will carry out all the industrial agglomeration of femoral artery.

And, through the relevant scientific research organizations, universities and actively promote the company to strengthen liaison, cooperation with the relevant scientific research organizations, universities, a set of production, learning and research, as one of the public service channels to build standardized detection skills of information channels, so that the skills of organization, each company to establish a standardized information standardization expert team encouraged support the company to participate in various exhibitions, fairs, meetings to create brand, establish company share capital alliance promotion promotion channels, promote the construction of talented persons, the combination of talent, skill strengths of each company, the use of leading companies and cutting test capital, an intermediate cutting work skills development, help the company to complete the upgrade.