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Judge The Quality Of The Cutting Machine Four

Nov 07, 2016

One, appearance

Outside in addition to the basic chassis parts will spray color, according to customer demand. Appearance not only look at the surface, also need to look at, such as: fuel tanks, chassis, table; plate four-column, and so on. In particular use the hand to touch the plate, can test out the difference between new and old machines.

Second, sound

Sound cutting machine can not only distinguish between good or bad, can confirm if it is a new phone. In general clear out the new machine is impossible to make a noise, even with more than 10 years on is still insignificant, only in the abnormal sound of motor energy runs out, to be issued, if the machine make a rustling noise proved problematic.

Third, electric control box

Cutting machine electric control box open generally does not need a key, can be readily opened, check the circuit inside the chassis or neat, material is normal you can see at a glance.

Four, commissioning

Commissioning this work is very important and can wear their own materials to manufacturers to test the machine, cyclophosphamide can detect whether or not the operation nimble; II can detect cutting machine productivity c can be detected after blanking products of quality.