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Laminating Machine Key Features

Dec 22, 2017

Laminating Machine Key Features:

With this type of laminating machine, materials are firmly bonded and products are soft, comfortable, washable and breathable.

OPTIONAL: Controlled by Programmable Logic Controller system with touch screen and modular designed structure, this laminating machine can be easily and simply operated.

Internationally famous brand motors, inverters, electrical parts, temp controller and other parts can be installed for stable machine performance.

Non-tension unwinding unit makes laminated materials smooth and flat, guaranteeing good bonding effect.

Fabric and film openers also make materials feed smoothly and flatly.

OPTIONAL: For 4-way strechable fabrics, special fabric conveyor system can be installed on the laminating machine.

OPTIONAL: Parallel centering unit makes sure the materials feed in order.

Specially designed gluing system well controls the adhesive amount and guarantees precision.

Auto side cutter and side waste remover facilitate automatic operation and save labor.

Cooling device enhance good lamination bonding effect.

Final laminated materials can be rewinded into small rolls or large rolls.

Lower maintenance cost and less running noise.

Advanced technology, secure quality control and satisfactory aftersales service make our lamination machines the first choice for customers both domestically and internationally. 

Automatic Laminating Machine - Test