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Machining Principle Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Feb 26, 2018

When the Ding Yi process of the support box parts is drawn up, the principle of "first back hole" and "separation of coarse and fine" should be followed.

(1) the principle of the first surface and the rear hole. The parts of the frame of the cutting machine should be machined first and also (also may include some minor larger planes), and then the holes are processed. With the plane as the pinhole datum, it can provide the stable and bad positioning datum for the hole processing, and it is easy to ensure the machining precision of the hole and the technical requirements of the day. In addition, mainly to the level is assembling base bracket and body in the meal machine L, the first main processing plane can make the positioning and assembly methods of Huai distress overlap, thereby eliminating the positioning error caused by heavy reference station.

(2) the principle of separating coarse and fine. In order to reduce the deformation of the machining part, the coarse and the phase processing is carried out separately for the high precision cutting machine and rigid box bracket parts. In order to reduce the deformation of the machining process, rough machining is carried out separately, namely, finishing the surface of the rod after rough machining of the main plane and supporting hole. This is not only beneficial to the aging treatment between coarse and fine processing, but also helps to ensure the processing precision. The precision is not very high, rigid good support box parts, rough and finish machining can be decilitre.

According to the above two principles, the process of high precision parts for casting blank box on a fire at a later don't crossed orange [main plane and a supporting hole rough handling a crossed a finishing flat team finishing the main bearing hole processing of other secondary surface inspection