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Operation Of The Lamination Machine Point Of Attention?

Aug 29, 2017

Operation of the Lamination Machine point of attention?
Lamination Machine in use must pay attention to the matter:
1. Operation When using the copier, do not place other debris on the body or use it as a pad.
2. When moving or lifting the compound machine, it is only allowed to use its base as the handling point. Do not use the glue cover of the compound machine, the electrical box door, the electrical components on the control panel or the fittings on the insulation pipe And the Lamination Machine lift, non-normal handling will damage the Lamination Machine spraying equipment.
Mixing machine spray equipment maintenance and repair of the safety matters
When servicing and repairing the complex, the following main safety precautions are required:
1. Before carrying out the maintenance and repair machine, you must first turn off the power supply on the Lamination Machine and the total power supply connected to the outside world.
2. In the disassembly maintenance work, the workers are best not to wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive ornaments can prevent accidents.
3. Do not disassemble and inspect any part of the compound, unless you have sufficient knowledge of the equipment performance.
4. Do not disassemble and repair the complex equipment separately unless you have any other personnel to assist and in the event of an accident, due to mechanical damage or personal injury, you can immediately give help or first aid.
5. Only qualified personnel can carry out maintenance work on the Lamination Machine.
6. In any case, do not touch the wires that may be exposed to the outside or other components that are electrically connected and are not loosened.
7. Before disassembling or moving the protective device on the copier or replacing the components, the supply of the power supply must be switched off.
8. If possible, try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance work. Do not carry out maintenance work on a Lamination Machine in a flooded floor or in a very humid environment.
8. For the maintenance and repair of the Lamination Machine must wear safety gloves, goggles and long-sleeved overalls, to avoid the body part of the high temperature of the liquid hot gel burns, or high temperature surface burns.
9. When loosening or installing the pressure connection, it must be determined that the pressure of the supply air supply for the laminator has been reduced to zero.
10. When cleaning hot melt melt melt cylinder, avoid the use of fireworks or sharp hard tools, so as not to scratch the inside of the plastic drum Teflon non-adhesive coating.
11. If the air pressure or Lamination Machine leakage glue, do not continue to operate the use of Lamination Machine, first stop the Lamination Machine work, cut off the power, and the operating pressure reduced to zero and then overhaul.
First, the Lamination Machine in the installation of the security matters:
1. When installing the copier, a correct and valid grounding wire must be connected. Any device that uses high voltage requires a ground wire. When the ground wire is not used, it is still possible to form a voltage conductor and the risk of electric shock when it is protected by any insulator.
2. Check that the power cord used, and the insulation protection is in accordance with the requirements of the load required by the Lamination Machine and its associated peripheral equipment. The load of the wire must be higher than the rated power of the copier.
3. Ensure that the voltage connected to the Lamination Machine is in accordance with the Lamination Machine itself, such as single-phase 220v voltage standard Lamination Machine equipment if the use of 380V power supply will damage the Lamination Machine spraying equipment, such as single-phase 220v voltage standard composite equipment if When using less than 220V power supply, can not achieve the design performance of the device, it may damage the Lamination Machine, wiring should ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the outside of the broken electrical position.