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Other Cutting Machine Mechanical Hardware And Pipe Maintenance

Oct 10, 2017

For production enterprises, the use of Other Cutting Machine related to the daily production arrangements, taking into account the production scale of different enterprises and cutting plan, the use of equipment may be different strength, but the use of frequency in the CNC machine tools still It is relatively high, the maintenance of Other Cutting Machine maintenance work is not limited to after the failure, in general, the daily maintenance of Other Cutting Machines necessary maintenance is necessary; Other Cutting Machine in the use of engineering, we generally Summarized as the two major maintenance work, that is, maintenance of the mechanical part of the maintenance and maintenance of the gas part. For the convenience of users can be familiar with the two types of equipment maintenance points, the following we will explain separately.
First, Other Cutting Machine pipe gas maintenance points
First of all, often check the air system, found that leaks and parts can not be used in a timely manner to deal with, to ensure smooth air. Second, should always wipe the dust and debris to clear the gas path, to prevent premature aging air.
Followed by Other Cutting Machine pressure regulator maintenance regulator, the pressure gauge transferred to the required pressure, the adjustment process should make the pressure from small to large, to ensure continuous adjustment of the reducer. If you can not continuously adjust or gas leakage from the safety valve must replace the new pressure reducer. Self-folding parts of the gas pressure reducer, will cause damage to the equipment, or even serious personal injury.
Torch cutting nozzle to prevent the maintenance of fire. Torch using professional manufacturers of machine cutting torch, torch long-term use, sealing surface damage, and the mouth seal is not strict, must use special tools to repair, Other Cutting Machine cutting torch is also a professional manufacturer of fast cutting mouth, For new cutting mouth, must be checked before use. The cut mouth is contaminated with a special tool to clean the preheat flame hole and cut the oxygen channel. Tempering is an important component to ensure safety. According to the requirements of the safety department, Other Cutting Machine tempering is strictly prohibited. Therefore, the use of temper back to prevent the use of gas resistance, to ensure that the gas flow requirements or leakage, must be replaced by professionals.
Second, Other Cutting Machine mechanical hardware maintenance points
Other Cutting Machine mechanical hardware involves a number of links, if we one by one that not only for the equipment users there is a greater difficulty, while the above maintenance work to implement the daily maintenance of the equipment also has a lot of inconvenience, business operators can Start from the three aspects of the implementation of equipment, mechanical hardware maintenance work.
The use of Other Cutting Machines involves the impact of environmental pollution, including the main sources of pollution, including cutting metal dust, plasma arc light pollution, fan noise formation and so on. From the Other Cutting Machine use conditions, the above factors are accompanied by the formation of the synchronization process of cutting, it is difficult to completely put an end to the pollution caused by the environment, but by some controllable factors to reduce the impact of the source of pollution is still feasible. , The following we mainly on the use of Other Cutting Machine equipment and environmental protection issues to be described.
Other Cutting Machine when the use of harmful factors are mainly harmful gases, metal smoke, noise, arc (infrared) radiation, high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Risk factors are mainly electric shocks. Therefore, the plasma arc cutting process must pay great attention to safety and protection work.
1. Other Cutting Machine electric shock protection
Other Cutting Machine arc cutting power supply with no-load voltage is higher, especially in the manual operation, there will be shock hazard. Therefore, the power supply must be used to ensure a good grounding, torch and hand touch part must be reliable insulation. You can use a lower voltage to ignite the non-transfer arc and then turn on the higher voltage of the transfer arc loop. If the opening switch is mounted on the handle, the exposed switch must be fitted with an insulating rubber sleeve to avoid direct contact with the switch. Please use automatic operation wherever possible.
2. Other Cutting Machine arc radiation protection
Other Cutting Machine arc radiation intensity, mainly infrared radiation and visible radiation. The plasma arc is stronger than the intensity of the optical radiation of other arcs, especially ultraviolet rays, which are serious for skin damage. Manual cutting, the operator must bring a good mask, gloves, Other Cutting Machine neck should also be protected. In addition to the black eyepiece on the mask, it is best to add UV absorption of the lens. In automatic operation, a protective screen can be set in the operator and operating area. Plasma arc cutting, can be used in water cutting method, the use of water to absorb light radiation.