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Points For Attention In Operation Cutting Machine

Nov 07, 2016

1.blade cutting machine work should be placed at the center of the plate on location, so as to avoid mechanical wear caused by unilateral, affecting their life.

2.when replacing the new cutter, such as height, follow method to reset.

3.the operator if you want from the location, be sure to turn off the motor switch before you leave to avoid unauthorised manipulation and damage the machine.

4.avoid overloading to avoid damage to the machine and reduces the service life.

5.when setting cutter, be sure to first loosen the handwheel set, set access to the cutting point control switch, otherwise the blade when you set the switch to ON, is unable to generate a set of actions.

6.cutting machine for cutting action, hands away from the blade or cutting plate, no hands to touch the knife mold, so as not to cause danger.