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Ponse Cutting Machine Troubleshooting Guidance [Ponse Cutting Machine].

Apr 13, 2018

1. Cutting oil temperature too high

A and oil pump are damaged. The internal parts wear and heat when they rotate at high speed.

B, oil pressure components leakage, such as directional valve buckle or seal ring damage, make high-pressure oil flow through small space to generate heat.

C, improper pressure regulation, and the hydraulic system is overheated for a long time.

2, the noise production of the cutting machine

A, the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is not enough, the oil pump suck air or the filter is blocked by dirt, which will cause the oil pump to be short of oil and cause oil.

The noise is generated by the bubble discharge and impact on the blade. The solution is to check the oil volume, prevent air intake and filter.

B, hydraulic oil viscosity is high, increase flow resistance, need to change the right hydraulic oil.

C, because of the damage of the bearings or blades of the oil pump or motor, the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, so the concentricity must be adjusted to replace the parts.

D and directional valves fail, but their functions are still in operation, such as valve core wear, internal leakage, burr blockage, mobile inflexibility, electromagnetic valve due to electricity.

The failure of the flow and the failure also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core or replace the new parts. The current must be stable and sufficient.

E, hydraulic components damage or oil pipeline blockage makes the noise of hydraulic oil flow at high speed.

F, mechanical part failure, machine parts lubrication is insufficient, parts loose, we should find out the reason to fasten or replace it.

3, the cutting machine press plate does not descend, or does not reset after downlink.

A, the switch has a problem, check or replace.

B, insufficient oil or oil pipe leakage, oil or tighten tubing connection.

C, solenoid valve can not be reset, repair or replace.

D, relay contact is not good, main oil way can't switch, check line.

4, the pressure is insufficient

A, oil pump damage or oil inlet blockage, oil cylinder leaks, check and eliminate according to circumstances.

B or micro switch is too slow or faulty, and it is adjusted to make it touch or renew when it is about 10MM before the cutting point.

C, valve failure, chaxiu solenoid valve spindle.

The circulating oil of D and tank is not enough. Replenish the circulating oil to make the oil surface exceed the oil screen.