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Precautions For Operation Of Large Tonnage Cutting Machine

Mar 01, 2018

1, when the cutter is set, it is necessary to relax the setting of the handwheel first, so that the set bar touches the cutting point control switch. Otherwise, when the cutter switch is set to switch to ON, it cannot generate the set action.

2. At work, the cutter can be placed in the central position of the top plate as far as possible, so as not to cause the single side of the mechanical wear and affect its life.

3, replace the new cutting tool, if the height is different, should be set according to the setting method.

4, when the action is broken, please leave the cutting or chopping board with both hands, and the hand is strictly prohibited to help the knife die and cut it, so as to avoid the danger.

5, if the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, please be sure to turn off the motor switch so as to avoid other people's improper operation and cause damage to the machine and others.

6, please avoid overloading the use of a cutting machine to avoid damage to the machine and reduce the service life.

The breakpoint adjustment of the cutting machine should be paid attention to:

1. After the tool setting work is completed, the material will be placed on the rubber plate, then the cutter die is placed on the material, and then the feeder board is pushed into the cutting area.

2, press the cutting switch with both hands at the same time. At this time, the cutting pressure plate will decrease and press to the tool die. After the cutter die is cut off, it will automatically resume to the position before starting.

3, in the blanking material, such as material found not completely cutting, adjust the cutting depth of the controller, the pressure gauge pointer clockwise reverse direction rotation; such as knife rubber molded into too deep, then the pressure gauge pointer to the counter clockwise rotation, adjustment of the longer the cutting depth is deeper, try to adjust to a slight indentation knife mold rubber so far.

4, the feeding plate is pulled out of the cutting area, and the material is removed, and a blanking process is completed.