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Pur Laminating Machine Business Opportunities

Jun 28, 2017

Pur Laminating Machine business opportunities

Pur Laminating Machine business opportunities, the state strongly advocate the purification of air matters, haze year after year serious, Pur Laminating Machine people are more and more attention to the quality of air up. So the Pur Laminating Machine is no longer a new product, but we all know the popular best-selling products. Many do not have the production of dealers in the choice of their own to apply for a brand, after looking for treasure is also the so-called OEM OEM production.
Since February 2012, the State Council has issued a new air quality norms, an increase of PM2.5 value monitoring. At the same time, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice on the implementation of the "ambient air quality norms" on the effectiveness of environmental air quality to stop the rules. At present, people recognize the importance of air quality, urban air quality began to pay attention, Pur Laminating Machine many departments have also started to introduce various measures to control urban air pollution, will improve the environment and air quality put an important discussion Fanfan. July 28 at the Shanghai Science Hall held at the "2012 latest environmental technology academic seminar", experts pointed out that to enhance the public indoor air purification awareness is imperative. This is related to the health of the whole people, related to the future of the country.
As we all know, Pur Laminating Machine in addition to urban air pollution, in fact, half of the world's people are in indoor air pollution, because each of us in addition to the necessary out of activities, most of the time may be in the room, or home, or office, Or indoor public places. Data indicate that one in 20 per cent of the world is killed by indoor air pollution. Among them, maternal, infants and young children, old and sick and other sensitive people in the indoors stay the longest, is the largest indoor air pollution victims. Studies have shown that indoor environmental pollution has caused 35.7% of respiratory diseases, 22% of chronic diseases and 15% of bronchitis, bronchitis and lung cancer.
Indoor air pollution and the impact of such a huge impact, how can we prepare, to protect themselves and others physical and mental well-being?
In addition to the necessary ventilation measures, we should also choose a high-quality air purification products placed indoors, through the air Pur Laminating Machine can be adsorbed, synthesized or converted a variety of air pollutants, including dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde Class decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc., can effectively improve the air cleanliness, for our indoor environment to provide fresh, well-being of the air.
People of insight that, Pur Laminating Machine as people on the small ambient air quality more and more concerned about the estimated new environmentally friendly products, air Pur Laminating Machine market in the next few years will become a geometric growth. As the current air purification products market price, quality, function and effect of good and bad, good and bad scenes, making the ordinary people in the purchase on nothing, to the people to stop the scientific knowledge of the air purification is also coinciding with its Time.