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Shoe Machines Technology Increase Quickly In Recent Years

Apr 03, 2018

After nearly 40 years of imitation, assimilation, China’s leather shoe machinery industry machinery according to China’s national conditions, the application of new techniques, new technologies, new materials development and design, to create a more categories of shoe-making equipment, manufacturing levels improved. Currently, the domestic production of leather machinery manufacturers full range of shoe machinery, products have good mechanical properties and process performance, working width and loading have been normalized, various skin types serialization meet cattle, pigs, sheep, etc. the leather production process. Basic coverage of all aspects of shoe machinery shoe-making process, complete with the whole plant output capability. This is related to two types of machinery and equipment in terms of production efficiency, human relations, such as the configuration of resilience have high levels, mainly aircraft reached the international level 90s of last century, providing the economy as the leather footwear industry, reasonable and suitable production equipment, and promote the development of leather footwear.
After 33 years of development,Kuntai machinery was listed as a pillar industry of the national Spark Program and enterprises nationwide demonstration area. By leading driven and industrial investment, shoe machine industry chain constantly stretched thickening, Kuntai products exported more than 45 countries and regions, the country’s largest shoe machinery production base and export base.