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Swing Arm Cutting Machine Cleaning Work Need To Be Carefully And Carefully

Aug 08, 2017

Swing Arm Cutting Machine cleaning work need to be carefully and carefully
   Swing Arm Cutting Machine is very common use, the user needs to pay attention to the problem is very much, we put the arm cutting machine cleaning need to pay attention to the problem to do a brief introduction.
   Swing Arm Cutting Machine in the removal of waste need to RBI, but the user needs to pay attention to the waste clean up as much as possible not to open even points, so as not to affect the normal Swing Arm Cutting Machine work, reduce the Swing Arm Cutting Machine production efficiency. Second, the user also to ensure that the size of the appropriate waste hole, clean the hole is too large or too small, will seriously die the quality of the product. For example, if the waste hole is too large, die cutting products will spread, seriously affecting the die cutting quality. In addition, the user needs to add some loose sponge in the loose, clean waste when the need to suppress the paper, so as not to die after the product spread, resulting in missing paper, paper scattered and other bad cleaning phenomenon, so users in Care should be taken when cleaning.
Swing Arm Cutting Machine with flat paper and web in two ways, the former is the industry's most widely used and the fastest-growing technology models, which is slightly smaller, mainly for self-adhesive labels and trademarks and other printed matter.
 We all know that Swing Arm Cutting Machine in the packaging, paper and other industries are widely used, so the use of the process must be more careful to delay mechanical aging. First, before use, with a wrench to rotate the drive shaft, so that the pressure frame reciprocating action many times, carefully observe whether there is no jamming phenomenon, which can ensure that the work of the Second, pay attention to the motor and electrical insulation, as well as safety protection switch is normal to ensure the safety of the arm cutting machine; must be injected into the oil before running, check the parts of the parts, screws, see To see if there is loosening, early detection, early solution, which can extend the life of the equipment, the last flat plate and pressure frame plate to be adjusted, must cut off the power to protect the safety of equipment and operators.
   Users in the clean waste should pay attention to the following points: First, due to long-term use of the reasons, the machine will accumulate a lot of waste inside the user to ensure that the clean-up to ensure that there is no even on the waste, otherwise, will affect the cleaning effect. Second, the clean waste should pay attention to the size of the waste hole, reasonably adjust the size to help clean up, the hole is too large, then the product will spread, too small is not easy to remove. Finally, in order to better clean up can be some loose sponge, for the waste cleaning device Swing Arm Cutting Machine should pay attention to the receipt of the neat, otherwise it will affect the die cutting efficiency. Above are the main points of waste, as long as the user seriously, I believe there will be a good cleaning effect.
The working principle of the Swing Arm Cutting Machine is the use of steel knife, steel (or steel plate engraved into the template), through the imprint plate to exert a certain pressure, the printed or cardboard rolled into a certain shape. If the entire printed matter pressed into a single graphic product called die-cutting; if the use of steel wire in the printed material on the traces or leave the bending of the groove marks called indentation; if the use of yin and yang two templates, Surface embossed with a three-dimensional effect of the pattern known as convex and concave embossed, the above can be collectively referred to as die-cutting technology. Swing Arm Cutting Machine type Swing Arm Cutting Machine according to the different forms of embossing, mainly divided into round pressure round, round pressure flat, flat pressure flat arm cutting machine three types. According to the form of the template can be divided into vertical and horizontal two. According to the degree of automation manual (semi-automatic) and automatic two. In terms of function, in addition to die-cutting, there are bronzing function, called hot stamping arm cutting machine, and some with automatic waste function, known as clean waste arm cutting machine. Round pressure Swing Arm Cutting Machine is characterized by line contact, die cutting pressure is small, high production efficiency, with offset press, flexo machine, gravure printing machine and other printing equipment connected to the line die cutting, so the scope of application comparison wide.