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Clicker Machine Designed To Use

Jul 27, 2017

Clicker Machine designed to use

Clicker Machine is based on the general bronzing machine design and development of products, and also uses a precision feeding structure and feeding device, so that accurate and convenient PVC card for flat bronzing and convex code bronzing or hot silver, so The device has become an indispensable device for making PVC cards.
The desktop clicker Machine in the heating and manual pressure on the basis of the increase in automatic foil system, and is designed for hot stamping PVC card design, it can be used in VIP cards, cards and bank cards, such as card Text, lace and numbered bronzing, hot silver, etc., and can also be through the machine for embossed stamping, so you can get rich three-dimensional, beautiful color beautiful card printing and packaging products.
Clicker Machine affordable, flexible use, equipment, workstations can lift, you can access, and the machine is also equipped with thermostat device, automatic temperature control indicator, and also equipped with automatic counter, more accurate and reliable, easy to use , And the type of bronzing machine application is also very wide, easy to use, and the bronzing machine manufacturers have a variety of functional models and price models for customers to choose.
Swing Arm Cutting Machine is designed for hot stamping PVC card design, mainly used in VIP cards, membership cards on the number of convex code bronzing, and can also be used for documents cards, work cards and other text on the PVC card, lace logo Bronzing, hot silver. The swing arm of the beautiful shape of the machine, the pressure balance and stability, and its reliable quality, simple operation, easy to occupy a small space, the pressure is more stable and stable, the ironing edge of the more clear. The equipment and the market compared to similar products, its performance is more stable, more secure after-sales service, but also business cards shop, card companies, small and medium-sized printing presses all kinds of paper and other materials, the ideal choice.
Clicker Machine is a flat heating plate, and also with the silicone, used to hot plane, convex characters can be. The device also has a moving table structure that allows the stamping process to be safer. Equipment can also adjust the upper and lower travel, running speed, bronzing temperature. And has anti-corrosion topcoat, can be permanently preserved without rust. The device also has a reasonable design, can improve the quality of hot stamping on the basis of the body weight greatly reduced.
Small clicker Machine modeling beautiful and beautiful, stable pressure balance, reliable quality, simple operation, light footprint is small, and the equipment pressure balance and stability, the hot edge of the seal, the equipment and the market similar products Than the performance is more stable, more secure after-sales service.
Clicker cutting process is mainly the use of the principle of hot-pressing to work, under the pressure of the electrochemical aluminum and hot plate version, the substrate contact, it will be due to the heating plate heating plate has a certain amount of heat, And the aluminum oxide is heated so that the heat-fusible resin layer and the adhesive are melted, and the viscosity of the resin layer is reduced, and then the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive is increased, and the adhesion of the aluminum layer and the electroless aluminum base film Printed on the substrate, and with the pressure of the removal, the adhesive quickly cooled and solidified, and aluminum layer firmly attached to the substrate to complete a hot stamping process.
Clicker Machine is more suitable for a variety of size area of the material bronzing and indentation processing, the machine also has a secondary afterburner structure, the heating fast, you can make hot stamping out the pattern clear, three-dimensional stronger and so on.
From the composition of the miniature Swing Arm Cutting Machine and the hot stamping mechanism, in order to obtain the ideal hot stamping effect, the stamping used in the foil must meet the following requirements: the bottom of the raw material color uniform, not yet Obvious color, color and color; its primer coating to be very uniform, smooth, white no impurities, but also no obvious stripes, sand and oxidation phenomenon; product gloss is good, strong and strong, and clarity High; model is correct.