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Swing Arm Cutting Machine Which Is Widely Used

Jun 21, 2017

Swing Arm Cutting Machinewhich is widely used
The most important and meaningful advantage of swing arm cutting technology should be its energy efficiency. With fiber-optic complete solid-state digital modules, a single design, optical fiber swing arm cutting system has higher than the carbon dioxide Swing Arm Cutting Machine electro-optical conversion efficiency. For the individual power supply units of the CO2 cutting system, the actual general utilization is about 8% to 10%.
For swing arm cutting systems, users can expect higher power efficiency, between about 25% and 30%. In other words, the fiber cutting system consumes about 3 to 5 times less energy than the CO2 cutting system, making the energy efficiency greater than 86%.
Swing Arm Cutting Machine is the processing of sheet metal parts can greatly improve the labor productivity of advanced equipment, with the processing of parts of high precision, short processing cycle, the processing of traditional stamping die without the need to replace any complex parts and other advantages, which was More and more switching equipment manufacturers use.
The current Swing Arm Cutting Machine is now the result of technological development, and now the rapid development of laser technology mature, it has been used in many industries, fiber Swing Arm Cutting Machine in all walks of life are widely used, because of its high efficiency, high precision Of the characteristics to meet the growing processing requirements of all walks of life.
Fiber laser is a new kind of laser device developed in recent years. It is also one of the hot technologies in the field of optoelectronic information at home and abroad. Due to the advantages of optical mode and service life, fiber lasers have become the representative of next generation solid-state lasers, which have been extensively researched and developed at home and abroad, and have broad prospects for development.
Swing Arm Cutting Machine is the development of laser technology in a wonderful work, fiber laser technology has also led to the rapid development of fiber Swing Arm Cutting Machine. Fiber Swing Arm Cutting Machine faster, the use of cost is only 20% -30% of traditional equipment, fiber lasers can also reduce the use of the lens, greatly reducing the production and maintenance costs.
 With the development of swing arm cutting technology, the use of Swing Arm Cutting Machine is also more and more widely used, making the Swing Arm Cutting Machine market has grown in size, the market prospects are becoming increasingly large, different types and functions of the Swing Arm Cutting Machine products are full of the market, increasing the market competition.

Swing Arm Cutting Machine is an indispensable modern industrial processing a cutting equipment, the country's large and small Swing Arm Cutting Machine brand countless, but worthy of trust and recognition of the Swing Arm Cutting Machine brand is not a lot. The relevant agencies in accordance with the current market Swing Arm Cutting Machine visibility and customer feedback, etc. to give you a summary of the introduction.