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The Classification Analysis Of The Cutting Machine According To The Layout Mode

Jan 29, 2018

The types and classification of cutting machines are very extensive. There are many kinds of cutting machines. Here's a brief understanding of the way of cutting machine according to layout. What kinds can it be classified into?

Rocker type cutting machine

The scouring part is a rocking arm which is suitable for the punching and cutting of non-metallic materials such as leather, natural data and artificial leather.

Flat panel cutter

The difference between it and the Longmen type cutting machine lies in the direct punching and cutting of the crossbeam, and there is no moving punching head. The flat plate cutting machine is divided into two categories: the beam is fixed or the beam can be moved forward and backward, and the table slide board can move forward and backward.

Four column fine cutting machine

Double oil cylinder, the four column is actively balanced connecting rod layout.

Longmen type cutting machine

The punching section is a punching cutting head that can move along the beam. The tool die can be fixed on the cutting head and can be placed on the machined object. The large and computerized Longmen cutting machine punch is equipped with rotatable tool carrier, which can select corresponding tools according to program typesetting. Of course, corresponding active feeding mechanism is needed.