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The Factors Affecting The Cutting Quality Of The Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Sep 08, 2017

The factors affecting the cutting quality of the Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Because the Swing Arm Cutting Machine processing efficiency of high quality and reliability of the characteristics, but also because it is a long wave of infrared output, the wavelength is usually 10.6μm. Many organic materials have a strong absorption of these long wavelengths, making the Swing Arm Cutting Machine in the paper, wood, plastics, rubber, textiles and leather and other industries have been widely used. However, the quality of cutting will directly affect the cost of production, then affect the cutting arm cutting machine cutting quality factor is what? Here we come to find out.

1, Swing Arm Cutting Machine power and power stability.

Different power in the laser cutting can cut the thickness is not the same, in practice, often set the maximum power, that is to reduce the cutting time or cutting thick material. But through the daily production summary found in less than the maximum power conditions at the focal point to get the highest power density, and get the best cutting quality. In addition to the power of the size of the external power stability is also very important, long-term production of Swing Arm Cutting Machine is also a very important test. DC excitation Swing Arm Cutting Machine due to electrode ablation, resulting in long-term working state power attenuation. For this, Hua Zhizun after years of research launched the laser master Endeavor Swing Arm Cutting Machine can better solve this problem. Endeavor Swing Arm Cutting Machine as a high-tech, multi-functional teaching equipment, widely used in the university laboratories, so that students really combine theory and practice, enhance hands-on ability, pioneering creative thinking.

2, auxiliary gas pressure.

The role of auxiliary gas in laser cutting is to remove the melted and evaporated material while suppressing excessive combustion of the cutting zone. Swing Arm Cutting Machine When cutting thicker materials, the air pressure should be reduced. When cutting a thin material, the air pressure should be increased to prevent sticky slag on the back of the cut. Of course, the size of the pressure regulation and cutting materials, Swing Arm Cutting Machine such as: cutting the plastic in order to prevent the plastic side of the frost, to lower air pressure as well.

3, the laser frequency.

The laser output is divided into pulse output and continuous output. The laser used for cutting and welding mainly uses the pulse output mode. Swing Arm Cutting Machine The pulse frequency mainly affects the cutting speed and the incision roughness. To obtain high speed cutting, high frequency is indispensable. At present, most manufacturers produce carbon dioxide Swing Arm Cutting Machine frequency is within 5000Hz.

4, beam divergence angle.

From a strict point of view, the beam divergence angle does not belong to the contents of the arm cutting machine part, but because the swing arm cutter mode on the far field divergence angle of great influence, so we put it here to discuss. The influence of beam divergence angle on cutting quality is reflected in the width and slope of the incision. The smaller the width of the divergent angle incision is, the smaller the slope is, and the higher the mass.

What are the advantages of Swing Arm Cutting Machine in building model? Recommended reading: Huazhen respect construction model Swing Arm Cutting Machine operation precautions

      1, cutting the high precision. The accuracy requirements of the building model are usually very high, with ordinary artificial Swing Arm Cutting Machine, often fail to meet the high-precision requirements, but after the use of software drawing arm cutting machine for image cutting, this simple operation can be high precision Cutting, just to perfectly solve this problem.

     2, cutting speed. The Swing Arm Cutting Machine speed of the laser can meet the production speed of the large building model, and the efficient cutting speed helps to shorten the production time of the large model.