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The Lamination Machine Process Is Produced Using A Compound

Oct 10, 2017

Lamination Machine occupies an important use in our field of industrial production, our equipment in the continuous development of the process, our equipment performance is getting higher and higher. Lamination Machine for sponge, cloth, EVA, leather and nonwovens, such as glue on the compound. This Lamination Machine is made of high temperature resistant tape to improve the fit and improve the adhesion of the product, while occupying less. The machine adopts synchronous control of frequency conversion to realize the synchronous work of composite main cylinder and composite winding, and it is more convenient to use. The advantage of this Lamination Machine is the use of high temperature mesh belt pressing, improve the product fit flatness and adhesion, easy to operate.
 Before working on the Lamination Machine, you must first disconnect the power supply from the thermal Lamination Machine and the total power supply to the outside. In the disassembly maintenance work, the workers are best not to wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive ornaments can be used to prevent accidents.
Only qualified personnel can work on the maintenance of the hot Lamination Machine. In any case, do not touch the wires that may be exposed to the outside or other components that are electrically connected and are not loosened.
For maintenance and repair of hot-melt adhesive Lamination Machine, you must wear safety gloves, goggles and long-sleeved work clothes to prevent the body part from being burned by high-temperature liquid hot sol or burned at high temperature.
Do not disassemble and inspect any parts of the hot Lamination Machine unless you have sufficient knowledge of the equipment performance. Do not disassemble or repair the hot Lamination Machine equipment separately if you have any other personnel who are assisting you and are in the event of an accident, mechanical damage, or personal injury.
When loosening or installing the pressure connection, it must be determined that the pressure supplied to the hot Lamination Machine has been reduced to zero. When cleaning hot melt melt melt cylinders, avoid using fireworks or sharp hard tools to avoid scratching the inside of the plastic bucket.
Before removing or moving the protective devices on the Lamination Machine or replacing the components, the supply of the power supply must be switched off. If possible, try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance work. Do not work on a hot Lamination Machine in a flooded floor or in a very humid environment.
If the air pressure or hot Lamination Machine leaks, do not continue using the hot Lamination Machine. First stop the hot Lamination Machine work, turn off the power and reduce the operating pressure to zero and overhaul.
Avoid the use of volatile and explosive raw materials or gas around the operation of hot Lamination Machine, hot Lamination Machine spraying equipment can not be stored around the flammable and explosive materials. Do not operate with a suitable protective device, a good insulator or a good protective panel. Use a hot Lamination Machine. You only need to be technically trained for maintenance. Do not use a hot Lamination Machine at ambient temperatures below 0 ° C and temperatures above 50 ° C.
When adding hot-melt adhesives, it should be in the melt pot at least one-third of the hot melt before adding, to avoid hot-melt pot no hot melt glue when the glue, affecting the normal production.
Try to use it in the absence of fast flowing air. Because the hot melt nozzle combination exposure to the rapid flow of air, due to rapid cooling, will affect the nozzle combination of hot melt flow, easy to produce drawing phenomenon. Finally, when the hot-melt adhesive Lamination Machine needs to add glue, be sure to pay attention to not more than 80% of the total volume of the hot-melt pot.