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The Necessary Protective Measures For Operating Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine

Aug 17, 2017

The necessary protective measures for operating Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine
As the main working principle of the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is to rely on the laser, so that when the industrial operation, but also for some necessary protective measures to do, to avoid unnecessary harm to the body. Here we come together to see the normal operation of this laser principle of cutting the necessary to carry out the necessary protective measures it
First, pay attention to the protection of the eyes
We generally use the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine are habitually like to stare at the laser cutting head has been to see, but this habit is actually the biggest killer of the eye, because it has been a long time staring at the spark produced by cutting, The eye is hurt, it is obvious that a long time to watch the eyes will have a sense of tingling, which is the most direct damage, while cutting in the laser processing, but also out of a special laser Material, which is highly concentrated in the shop floor and is focused directly onto the retina through the refractive media of the eye. This allows the energy density on the retina to be higher than the energy density on the cornea. Can cause eye cornea or retinal damage.
Second, skin protection
In addition to the eyes, the laser for the skin irritation is not small, the laser can cause skin damage, but the damage to the skin can be self-repair, although the overall function of the skin will decline, but will not affect the overall function , But if you do not pay attention to the laser irradiation for a long time, it will cause skin burns or scars, although compared to the eyes, the laser for the skin damage is much smaller, but also cause enough attention The
Third, the protection of the respiratory tract
The last is in the operation of Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine when there may be an impact on our respiratory tract. Because the laser will produce a certain high temperature, this high temperature and then with the gas to complete a variety of cutting work in this process will produce a lot of dust, especially in the processing of some special metal materials, the dust will contain a lot of chemical composition , So after inhalation on the human body is harmful.
When using the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine, it should be noted that good fire prevention measures and good fire protection measures can ensure that we are safe when using Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine. Therefore, we should understand that when the hydraulic flat cutting machine is in use , Should pay attention to the fire precautions.
So, when the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine used, should pay attention to what fire precautions?
1, the use of hydraulic flat cutting machine, to check whether the gas is a complete seal, if there is leakage, it will lead to the burning of these flammable gas phenomenon;
2, the use of hydraulic flat cutting machine is best away from the fire, otherwise it is easy because of the high temperature and fire;
3, do not let the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine always stay in a light spot, can effectively prevent the fire.
Here, the Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine in the use of time, we must pay attention to the above fire matters, can ensure that the use of hydraulic flat cutting machine safety.