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The Primary Condition For The Quality Of The Lamination Machine

Nov 01, 2017

The primary condition for the quality of the Lamination Machine
Lamination Machine quality is the key factor is the quality of Lamination Machine material is good or bad, good material is a good product of the premise, only the quality of material to ensure that the quality of products to ensure that enterprises get long-term development.
Some Lamination Machine manufacturers through the use of low-quality materials for low-cost competition, which is very dangerous, although the use of low-cost low-quality raw materials can be a temporary profit, but definitely not long, and sometimes, the use of low-cost materials can not form a Lamination Machine, but Will cause a greater waste.
Qualified raw materials is to ensure that the Lamination Machine qualified the first condition, only to ensure the production of raw materials qualified, the quality of the glass perforator has the most basic protection, so we choose to produce Lamination Machine materials must be manufactured Certificate, product inspection certificate, production license, manufacturer's name and address, and as much as possible to choose some influential well-known manufacturers of products for the production, these manufacturers produce a long history, the scale of production , Their products are still relatively reliable and stable, we must ensure that qualified materials used to produce them.
With the development of the machinery industry, the Lamination Machine has become an essential tool in the project, pick a good Lamination Machine is the key to the success of the project, then how to choose it?
1, three roll diameter: fine, because the contact surface is small, simple skid; curved non-standard steel when the simple deformation.
2, the diameter of the cylinder and travel: diameter and stroke resolution of the size of the pressure and bending radius of the adjustable.
3, the thickness of the plate and the quality of the skeleton: decided to bend a large steel is not deformed.
4, the power of the motor and the quality of the reducer.
5, Lamination Machine manufacturers of production scale and service.
(1) the acquisition of manufacturers site images, video is not professional, from the site content of the initial identification of manufacturers professional level, we must pay attention to the situation with the manufacturers to recognize. If the site does not have the words, manufacturers can imagine the situation.
(2) manufacturers have no business license, is not a standard contract, whether to open a standard invoice, etc., each job has a lot of bag companies, all invoices from other countries, if the manufacturers are usually taxpayers, the credibility is relatively high ;
(3) If the situation agreed to the first acquisition, then, as far as possible to the factory site survey and compare the quality of goods and accessories and professional; if the time period and other conditions do not agree, through the network to find some of the equipment manufacturers to take pictures or video show , About the goods, do discriminate.
When you choose a Lamination Machine, in the use of the process which you have not maintained a Lamination Machine? Did you know that? Appropriate maintenance Lamination Machine can effectively improve its life, the following we Lamination Machine manufacturers to tell you how to maintain the Lamination Machine, to make you better use of cold-formed products.
First of all, in the process of using the Lamination Machine, we recommend that you regularly lubricate the gear parts. First, the gear transmission is more likely to be damaged. Therefore, the loosening phenomenon is very high, so if these parts There is noise, then you need to be timely lubrication, and then according to the vibration to make appropriate adjustments.
Second, for the Lamination Machine between the slider and guide rails also need to check, also need to check the joints of the lubrication and its piping, to ensure its good operation.
Of course, in the process of using the Lamination Machine also need to balance the cylinder action and its oil lubrication system oil, joints, etc. to test.