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The Three Factors That Affect The Quality Of The Indentation Of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Jul 06, 2017

The three factors that affect the quality of the indentation of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine.

The reason for the low precision is the problem of the hydraulic die-cutting machine itself, and also the problem from the printed matter. Manual production of hydraulic die-cutting machine version, the error is larger; Hydraulic die cutting indentation and printing work environment can cause different paper deformation, cause the hydraulic die cutting indentation location, especially after polishing, coated paper deformation is more serious, influence the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine precision. The following is a detailed understanding of the quality of pressure marks on hydraulic die-cutting machines.

1. The influence of chain guide

Hydraulic pressure in the process of the die cutting machine, paper is through the chain transmission, chain besides and sprocket cooperate with cyclic rotation, by position, and guide rail to positioning, control of the chain and the movement direction of the tooth row. Therefore, in the installation and commissioning of the guide rail, ensure that the guide rail thickness is appropriate and can be embedded in the chain. The distance between the upper and lower guide rails must be able to guarantee the smooth passage of the chain. The distance is too small, which will increase the driving resistance, affect the transmission speed, and even damage the machine when serious. The distance is too large, the chain is easy to beat in the movement, affecting the transmission accuracy, and thus affecting the precision of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine. In addition, the trajectory of the guide and the length of the chain have some effect on the performance of the hydraulic die-cutting machine.

2. Influence of transmission system

Hydraulic main drive system of die-cutting machine is driven by a motor and worm and worm gear transmission, the stand or fall of main transmission system transmission performance of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine speed and accuracy has a direct or indirect impact. The worm wheel is a kind of gear, the gear drive has the transmission stable, the carrying capacity is strong, the hot technology is good, the efficiency high characteristic. The most common driving gear is straight gear and helical gear, where the inclined gear is relatively stable and the overlap coefficient is large. At present, the helical gear is widely used in hydraulic die-cutting machine, but its pressure Angle will affect the stability of the drive. When the worm wheel and worm are engaged in the circle of dividing circle, if the side gap between the wheel teeth and the wheel teeth is suitable, the worm wheel drive is stable, the lubrication is sufficient, and the worm wheel is in the best working condition. Otherwise, the side gap too big, can make the worm wheel drive not smooth, causes the vibration; Side of the gap is too small, go against the flow of the lubricating oil, will accelerate the gear wear and tear, serious when the worm gear and worm gearing "teeth", affects the transmission accuracy, speed and precision, in turn, affects the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine.

3. Influence of intermittent mechanism, chain and feed tooth row

The movement of the paper tooth row is a intermittent motion process controlled by the intermittent mechanism. The intermittent mechanism of hydraulic die-cutting machine is widely used in the parallel indexing CAM mechanism. Compared with other intermittent mechanism, it has the following characteristics: sports reliability; Smooth transmission; The motion of the follower motion depends on the contour of the CAM. The rotary table can achieve the ideal expected motion and obtain good dynamic performance. The positioning of the rotary disc in the interval is completed by the curved groove of the CAM, and no additional positioning device is required. When the high speed machine, the CAM contour by follower size and direction of the velocity, acceleration, inertia effect, will cause the machine vibration, the vibration to the chain, coupled with rapid start and stop cause paper tooth row of jitter, which affects the Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine speed and precision of the machine. So on the basis of the analysis of dynamics, the CAM contour is also designed to ensure the stability of the movement of the intermittent mechanism.