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The Transformation Of The Installation And Operation Of The Cutting Machine To Speed Up The Technological Innovation

Jan 17, 2018

The transformation of the installation and operation of the cutting machine to speed up the technological innovation

1. Machine installation

1. fix the machine level on the flat cement ground to check whether the parts of the machine are intact and whether the line is smooth and effective.

2. clean up the dirt on the press plate and the working table.

3. injecting 68 or 46 antiwear hydraulic oil into the tank, the oil surface should not be less than 25mm. above the filter net

4. access the 380V three-phase power, press the oil pump start button, adjust and maintain the motor steering and the arrow direction.

Two. Operation description

1. first, the cutting machine depth controller (micro tuning knob) is left to zero.

2. open the power switch, press the oil pump start button, no load operation for two minutes, to observe the system is normal.

3. the push and pull board, the rubber plate, the workpiece and the knife die are stacked in the middle of the worktable in sequence.

4. pair of tool die (knife die setting).

1. Loosening the handle of the knife, naturally falling and locking.

Switch right spin, ready to test.

3. Double click the green button to make a trial cut, and the depth of the blanking is controlled by the fine tune.

Fine tune: turn the micro tune button, the left turn shallower, the right spin deepened.

5. Stroke adjustment: the rotational height controller, the right-hand stroke increases, the left stroke decreases, and the stroke can be freely adjusted in the range of 50-200mm (or 50-250mm). When the normal production, the distance between the above pressure distance and the top 50mm stroke is suitable.