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There Has Been A Saturation Period In The Market For Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Jul 17, 2017

There has been a saturation period in the market for Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Stone cutter swing arm respectively to different depth of cut stone processing, can be processing to stone under less than 1 m3, can turn, greatly save stone resources, also conducive to protect the environment. Various types of stone materials can be machined and machined with high efficiency and effective use of small stone materials to make the production cost lower. In the process of machining, the cutting of plate cutting is done by hand cutting, semi-automatic Swing Arm Cutting Machine and numerical control arm cutting machine cutting. The manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, the size error is large, the material wastes big, the subsequent processing workload is big, and the labor condition is poor, the production efficiency is low.

Semi-automatic Swing Arm Cutting Machine, the quality of cutting workpiece is better, because it USES cutting die, it is not suitable for single piece, small batch and large parts cutting. Other types of semi-automatic swing Swing Arm Cutting Machine reduce the labor intensity of workers, but the function is simple, suitable for some parts cutting with more regular shape. Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting mode, CNC cutting can effectively improve the efficiency and cutting quality of plate cutting and reduce the labor intensity of operator. Along with the development of modern machinery industry, the work efficiency and product quality of plate cutting are also improved. Therefore, the market potential of CNC Swing Arm Cutting Machine is still very big and the market prospect is more optimistic.

Swing arm cutter industry market has appeared phase saturated state, some new enterprises continuously flooded into the industry, the emergence of the production is in full swing in the market, some problems such as lack of innovation in our country. Secondly because of ceramic industry in our country has not yet been mature and specification, and the market demand is big, which gives some small enterprise survival space, but one thing to remind: as a result of the ceramic industry competition is very fierce, raw material price is high, resulting in some enterprises use inferior raw material, reduce the production cost, resulting in the quality of the products are not guaranteed. Although there is no less intense price war, but for this kind of phenomenon still exists, if your company USES is this kind of method, so the final is one false move may lose the game.

The technique of cutting the tile Swing Arm Cutting Machine

Ceramic tile is in cutting process, when cut line of knife scar is thin, the brick edge that ceramic tile presses crack is more and more beautiful. On the contrary, the deeper and thicker the lines of the knife, the more inclined the brick bottom, the more inclined, and even jagged. Foshan Swing Arm Cutting Machine to share the skill of using Swing Arm Cutting Machine:

1. Do not use the blade to press the brick in the operation of the Swing Arm Cutting Machine.

2. When the arm cutting machine is cut, drag the "handle" to the top control position to avoid the collision of the blade with the tile. The blade will not be used because of the defect.

3, cutting machine, cutting the swing arm to push rod to the back-end, let light blade pressure on ceramic tile, the suitable spindle control before forward to secure slot, presser foot put on ceramic tile, tap the tail end of push and pull handle, ceramic tile can be as scar rupture.

4. Swing Arm Cutting Machine for archaize or other convex concave and other tiles, please replace the knife! The ceramic tile of the rough surface will shorten the service life of the blade.

What is the status of the pendulum cutter in our country?

Swing Arm Cutting Machine is currently prevailing in the market type 8-16, used for the processing of terraced bricks, ground foot line, internal wall of 45 degree Angle and other one-time end, gloss of high quality. Be liked by wide ceramic tile processing factory.

Advantages: ceramic tile factory machinery and equipment, now is the most primary Swing Arm Cutting Machine + swing arm cutter combination, first used in the processing of cascade brick, the anchor line and other ceramic processing profession, advantage, high machining accuracy, speed and other characteristics.