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Travelling Head Cutting Machine Numerical Control Operation Software Representative Of Each Program

Jun 21, 2017

Travelling Head Cutting Machinenumerical control operation software representative of each program
 The head cutting machine is a high-capacity machine, which is significantly better than other cutting technology; at the same time, the water cutting equipment is also complete without causing harmful gases or liquids, but also includes the surface of the workpiece Heat, so the water knife cutting should be the real multi-functional, high efficiency cold cutting processing.
    However, the characteristics of the head cutting machine by its numerical control operation software, must be accurate operation of the first line cutting machine control software, in order to ensure the cutting quality, cutting efficiency and cutting costs are consistent with the above characteristics. The next thing to tell is that some of the routine functions of the head cutting machine software.
     If you select the single line, then it is necessary to start from scratch or from any segment simulation, each press the keyboard, simulation NC code line; if the curve, then the whole curve of a simulation; if not Selected, the simulation is continuous simulation mode.
     If you want to display the program, the simulation process will display each section of the processing code, but the code will make the simulation slow down. X-axis mirror represents the NC code to the X-axis as a benchmark image, is also the NC code Y value from the original positive value of negative, the original negative value of the positive value. The Y-axis mirror is also true.
    There is also a DXF auto sort in the header cutting machine control software. If this option is selected, the control software will automatically concatenate the graphics in the DXF file. That is, from the first paragraph, automatically followed by the next section to find it.
     As a closed graphics often have a feed line and a knife line, in order to facilitate the automatic series need to save the feed line, and then click on the first line in the closed graphics, and then select the closed graphics in all other lines, select Out of the thread.
From an economic point of view, the first line cutting machine cutting costs are very low, but also reflects the benefits of environmental protection, energy saving. In addition, the first line cutting machine on the material, characteristics, shape and scale species are no special requirements, only to meet the corresponding level of water can be a water jet.
    Moreover, the line cutting machine cutting time will not produce heat, so the seam will not produce scratches. If you want to use this equipment to complete the arbitrary curve of the cutting and drilling, do not need mold, the operation is very convenient. As the water cut is a non-contact cutting, and thus will not constitute a material damage, to ensure its integrity.