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What Are The Determinants Of The Service Life Of A Cutting Machine?

Dec 28, 2017

The same cutting machine may serve for 10 years in one factory and only 5 years or 6 years in the other factory. Why? Indeed, there are such problems in real production. Many factories and factories don't care about daily maintenance and maintenance, which results in such a big gap in the service life of machinery.

Of course, daily maintenance is only one aspect, and there is a great relationship between the operation specifications of the operator of the cutting machine. Incorrect operation is likely to cause mechanical wear and tear to intensify.

In fact, all the machinery are the same, such as the car is a car, if long-term use without maintenance and repair necessary, so must be scrapped in advance, a better car, as long as the good maintenance and timely exercise of 500 thousand kilometers without fault.

But without timely maintenance, and without good driving habits, it is likely that a lot of malfunctions will occur in the 20 thousand kilometers of the car. Of course, there are no cases to be excluded.

So what should the daily maintenance of the cutting machine pay attention to? The next chapter for you to explain!