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What Is PUR?

Dec 14, 2017

What is PUR?

The PUR features are excellent adhesion, can laminate 99.9% fabrics, it is non-toxic and environmental ,the laminated fabrics’ adhesion and flexibility are very good, the fabrics are high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance to fracture, moisture not easily affected by the temperature after reaction, flexible durable, wear-resisting, oil resistant, anti-aging.


It is replacing traditional solvent and water-based rubber joint, besides PUR has excellent mist effectiveness, low precipitation material and neutral color features, it can be applied to must repeat disinfection of medical products.



Our hot melt laminating machine is mainly consisted of fabric rewinding and unwinding units, fabric and film 

transmission systems and tension controller, film unwinding and lining or film carrier rewinding device, hot 

melt glue melting unit (optional), pump (optional), conduction oil source system (optional), glue dot transfer 

unit, laminating device, cooling device, PLC and other devices. It is compact, highly automatic and easy to