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What Should Be Noted When Servicing Lamination Machine

Sep 19, 2017

What should be noted when servicing Lamination Machine

        Lamination Machine in the course of operation failure, the maintenance of the machinery itself is a very cumbersome thing, but we are in the maintenance process is to pay great attention, not because of cumbersome and thus overlooked a lot of problems, Share some questions about Lamination Machine maintenance:
First, when the machine stops working more than 24 hours, relax the handwheel in a fixed mode, to avoid damage to other parts
Second, to keep enough space around for the mechanical placement to provide the conditions for the maintenance of the machine to provide enough space to check
Third, the boot if you hear an abnormal sound appears, you need to immediately stop the power of detection
Fourth, please keep in touch with the company's professional master, the Lamination Machine specific situation reflected to the company's technical staff to listen to.
5. In order to avoid the risk of electric shock of the Lamination Machine, the ground terminal must be reliably grounded when in use, and the hands need to be kept dry and require the relevant professionals to operate
6, before pressing the machine to make the platen completely cover the knife mold, prohibit the staff close to the machine transverse pressure area, leave the machine, please turn off the motor.
Seven, the tank of the hydraulic oil in the use of a quarter after the best need to replace once, especially the first time the new oil needs more attention. After the installation or replacement of the new machine for about one month, the oil net must be cleaned. And the replacement of hydraulic oil must be completely clean the tank.
8, the mechanical work, the oil problem must be controlled within a certain range and then manipulated, if the oil temperature is too low, the need for oil pump work to a certain period of time, the oil temperature reached 10 ℃ (50? F) , The pump can display its performance.
Nine, do not let any of the terminal nuts loose, otherwise it may be bad motor and electrical wiring, and the lack of operation, resulting in burning and material damage may be.
 To solve the noise problem, then we have to first analyze the possible causes of oil pressure Lamination Machine noise causes:
1, may be caused by the hydraulic part of the mechanical failure, or a part of the mechanical parts of the lack of lubrication, resulting in loose parts or damage caused by bad
2, the hydraulic oil viscosity becomes high, the flow resistance increases;
3, oil pressure Lamination Machine tank hydraulic oil is insufficient, the pump suction air or oil filter blocked by the dirt caused by oil pump oil, resulting in the oil bubbles in the oil out of the impact of the noise
4, hydraulic Lamination Machine coupling concentricity deviation, may be due to oil pump or motor bearing or leaf damage caused.
5, the valve reaction failure, such as valve heart wear, internal leakage, burr obstruction, mobile inflexible, solenoid valve due to the current failure and failure will produce noise.
After understanding the reason why the noise of the Lamination Machine is generated, we will be able to work out the following solutions:
1, check the oil Lamination Machine parts, replace the parts of the problem, or overhaul.
2, replace the appropriate hydraulic oil.
3, check the hydraulic oil, prevent inhalation of air or cleaning the filter.
4, adjust the hydraulic Lamination Machine joint concentricity, or replace the parts.
  Lamination Machine is generally referred to as home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interior and other related industries in a composite equipment, mainly for all types of fabrics, leather, film, paper, sponge and other two or more layers of paste production Process. It is divided into plastic composite and non-adhesive compound, there are plastic composite is divided into water glue, PU oil glue, hot melt adhesive, etc., non-adhesive composite process for direct bonding between the material or flame burning composite. At present, the Lamination Machine national standard has been implemented.
        1. Application in the cast film, breathable film and non-woven materials such as glue on the paste. Applicable to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant bags and other industries products.
        2. Application of non-woven materials such as rubber compound (paste) and cutting processing. Applicable to home air purifier, car air purifier, air conditioning, refrigerator and other matching filter processing.