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What Should Be Paid Attention To When The Machine Is Repaired

Mar 06, 2018

Cutting machine malfunction during operation, the maintenance of the machinery itself is a very complicated matter, but we are in the process of maintenance is to a high degree of attention, can not because of the cumbersome and ignore many problems, Xian saw cutting machine manufacturers to share a number of issues about cutting machine maintenance notice:

1. When the machine stops working for more than 24 hours, relax the fixed mode of the hand wheel and avoid the damage of other parts.

Two, we should keep enough space around the room to provide conditions for the placement of machinery, and provide sufficient space for the maintenance of the machine.

Three, if you hear an abnormal sound when you start the machine, you need to stop the detection of the power supply immediately.

Four, please keep in touch with the professional master of our company at any time, and reflect the specific situation of the cutting machine to the technical staff of the company.

Five, in order to avoid the danger of electric shock in the cutting machine, earthing terminals must be reliably grounded when using, pay attention to the need to keep the hands dry, and require relevant professionals to operate.

Six, before pressing the machine, the press board should be completely covered by the knife die, and the staff are forbidden to move near the machine. Please turn off the motor when you leave the machine.

Seven, the hydraulic oil tank in the use of about 1 quarters of the best need to change, especially the new machine for the first time more oil needs to be paid more attention. It is necessary to clean the oil net for about 1 months after the new machine is installed or changed. And the oil tank must be cleaned thoroughly when the hydraulic oil is replaced.

Eight, when the machine starts to work, the problem of oil must be controlled within a certain range and then manipulated. If the oil temperature is too low, it is necessary to keep the oil pump running to a certain time period. When the oil temperature reaches 10 degrees (50? F), the oil pump can perform its performance.

Nine, do not loosen any connection nut. Otherwise, it may be a bad contact between motor and electrical wiring, but lack of phase operation, resulting in burnout and material damage.