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Which Industries Are Applied To Mechanical Cutting Machines

Jan 11, 2018

Mechanical cutting machine is widely used in handbags, bags, shoes, leather, foam, plastic, plush toys, sporting goods, EVA, PEV, film, sponge, paper cutting, bubble bags and other industries. A high degree of automation equipment is controlled by the computer dynamic head cutting machine, laser cutting machine (oscillating tool) high pressure water cutting machine, beam and computer cutting machine etc.. In addition a projection table is provided with a cutting machine, oscillation type tool and visual observation device of material of this equipment, used for contour scanning on the leather, or the set of projection in the leather industry to guide the cutting arrangement of material sample in leather row.

The present situation of the use of the cutting machine

Cutting machine hydraulic drive, now still in the mainstream. In the hydraulic cutting machine, is used in tonnage rocker cutting machine 8 - 20 tons. Plate type hydraulic cutting machine and cutting machine for the majority of Longmen relatively large manufacturers, more suitable for leather, made of non-metallic materials punching automatic cutting machine in our country have begun to use, due to the manufacturing industry to improve the degree of modernization in the near future, there may be a market. But in the near future, it will not be possible to replace the hydraulic cutting machine.

The cutting machine is an indispensable equipment for some light industry. The traditional concept of cutting machine is based on the force of the machine movement pressure on the cutter, cutting machine of materials. There have been some changes in the cutting machine, slitting machine, rubber rubber cutting machine will start high pressure water beam, ultrasonic and other advanced technology for leather punching cutting technology, but people will still be summed up these devices in the cutting machine type equipment.