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Why Do You Choose An Automatic Cutting Machine

Jan 22, 2018

According to their transmission mode, structure and use

1, according to the form of transmission:

A, mechanical drive cutting machine: it is a relatively old type of machine.

B, hydraulic drive cutting machine: it is a modern common cutting machine.

C, automatic rolling cutting machine: processing the whole leather or textile with the method of sandwich.

D, computer controlled water beam cutting machine: it is a modern and more advanced cutting machine. It is not necessary to use the tool die, and it is cut according to the input program. The scour source is a high pressure water beam generator.

E, computer control ultrasonic cutting machine: the control form is similar to the water beam cutting machine, and the cutting source is the ultrasonic generator.

2. according to structural methods:

A, rocker type cutting machine: the punching and cutting parts are wobble rocker arm, suitable for punching and cutting of non-metallic materials such as leather, natural materials and artificial leather.

B and Longmen type cutting machine: punching and cutting part is a punching head that can move along the crossbeam, and the cutter die can be fixed on the punching head or on the processed object. The large and computerized control Longmen punching machine is equipped with a rotatable toolholder. It can choose corresponding tools according to the program typesetting, and of course, it needs automatic feeding mechanism. Small rocker cutting machine C, flat panel cutting machine: it is different from the Longmen type cutting machine, the cross beam is directly punched, and there is no movable punching head. The flat plate cutting machine is divided into two categories: the beam is fixed or the beam can be moved forward and backward, and the table slide board can move forward and backward.

D, four column precision cutting machine: double oil cylinder, four column automatically balance the connecting rod structure.

3, according to the use of processing parts:

A, special cutting machine: plastic cutting machine suitable for the processing of bubble cover.

B, horizontal cutting machine: suitable for the processing of tire materials.