China CNC Fabric Strip Cutting Machine

Product application and features PART 1 (fully-automatic cutting and binding machine) 1.Spindle and circular knife use CVT system, can be arbitrarily adjusting speed and control switching around. 2.Use imported ball slide to parallel the cutting width, controlling cutting width with precision...

Product Details

Product application and features

PART 1 (fully-automatic cutting and binding machine)


1.Spindle and circular knife use CVT system, can be arbitrarily adjusting speed and control switching around.

2.Use imported ball slide to parallel the cutting width, controlling cutting width with precision ball screw and slide to achieve high precision cutting.

3.Using frequency converter system to control speed of knife, shifting and hard to wear with stepless adjustment of cutting speed, to achieve the high quality cutting.

4.Operation interface uses a programmable control screen, can be directly input several cutting width and number of the roll, and is provided switching function with manual and automatic.

5.Using the fast discharge design, step in place. The loading and unloading can be completed by only one action.

6.The machine uses rotating ball screw, sharpening, cutter advance and retreat structure.It is the conventional machine speed 3: 1


PART 2 (Bias-cutting and batching machine)


1.Supporting the use of PART 1 ( fully-automatic cutting and binding machine ), suitable for shoes, clothing, bags, hats, leather and other related industries. And can measuring the length of fabric.



2.This machine has a double function: can be directly rolled straight grain cloth, or through slash with a small knife cut cloth into 45 degrees and rolled, moved to the circular knife slitting machine cut twilled cloth into required width.


 3.Using stepless variable speed system to roll material, according to the different material, get the best speed, easy operation, and equipped with stainless steel cloth bucket.




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